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  • "AI alone cannot change any business. It's the combination with smart business changes that creates a powerful tool. Otherwise you are still running into the wrong direction, only faster."

    Jeremy Cate, President eTac Consulting

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    Our goal is simple: to help you achieve your best performance. We believe in technology as an enabler and accelerator to excel in your business and empower your team to truly operate to your full potential. Sometimes you need a partner to help you look at your business from a distance. With 20 years of industry experience, our team of experts will work with you to identify opportunities of efficiency.

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eTac Solutions

Our approach is different. Our experience has taught us that the real value is in empowering your existing staff rather than replacing them with AI. For us, it is about much more than saving money - it’s about maximizing value for our partners by fundamentally changing the way they do business. At eTac we don’t sell one-off automation products. We build longstanding partnerships to help you establish and maintain a long-term competitive advantage.

Simple to use all-in-one automation platform

Our all-encompassing automation platform integrates complex data collection, simple but powerful automation scripting, and intuitive job management. The tool couldn’t be simpler to use! Seamlessly connect data collection to storage, use that data to build automated processes, and intuitively schedule and monitor the tools that you created. What’s best is that it’s not an add-on or a module to someone else’s platform. Everything in our eTac cloud was developed in-house, which lets us offer unrivaled customizability and speed to our partners.

VR Lite Suite

VR Lite Suite

The self-automation tool ‘VR-Lite’ seamlessly integrates with the eTac cloud suite and enables all levels of users to build automation on the first day! Computer vision and simple integration with Microsoft products makes it particularly intuitive and fast, even for the non-technically minded. Yet VR-Lite includes database connection as well as advanced calculations and clauses that will make it useful for seasoned developers.



When employed correctly, automation can improve your efficiency multiple fold! The true power, however, unleashes when combined with data management. The web-builder is an integral part of eTac Cloud and enables you to set up quick data collection and connect to your enterprise database. Start your automated process with a simple form to capture data and manage it throughout the process.

Customers Testimonials

Jill Livingston

Jill Livingston

Former Sr. Manager / Hilton Worldwide

BPS delivered process critical solutions quickly eliminating repetitive data entry work and allowing my team to focus on more complex services. They really made the effort to learn the business and understand our objectives year over year. BPS is an excellent technical partner for any business organization.

Kathy Pofio

Kathy Pofio

Director Campaign Management / Hilton Worldwide

"BPS has been a great partner in streamlining our global marketing processes and building & rolling out a global tool. The team is fast and professional while being flexible and proactive."

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