Our Projects


This is why there is no one case study, no one approach we apply to all our partners. What we bring is solutions oriented thinking, and we work on a case by case basis with you and your team. Below are just a few examples of what we have done in the past to give you an idea of how we helped our partners gain competitive advantage.

Hotel Openings

Hotel openings are complex processes touching many different departments. To market time is critical. We streamlined and standardized processes and designed, built and implemented a single tool facilitating communication and workflow between teams. Moving away from working off outlook and multiple offline tracking documents, resources can now be optimized and reporting facilitated.

Rate Audits

Minimize revenue loss by redesigning rate auditing process. We identified and implemented a new streamlined process while allowing a shift from weekly audits to daily audits. Using central reservation data and program tables, discrepancies are flagged within the audit. Where incorrect rates are loaded, hotels are being sent a notification allowing them to fix it faster.

Marketing Reporting

Aligning marketing efforts and resources to maximum results can be a challenging process working across the globe in corporate and hotel teams. We implemented a dynamic and growing workflow management tool that has been adapted and customized across different region. Using a singular platform allows for singular reporting on commercial results and resource management to be shared with senior management.